The Body in Global Histories of Medicine


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The Body in Global Histories of Medicine

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This class surveys the body, health, and healing in ancient, medieval, early modern, and modern periods. We will compare regional and transnational practices to learn about how physicians, laypeople, women, and men understood and recovered from illnesses. Each week moves thematically with different bodily processes—from internal process of balancing and flowing to social movements such as trading and transplanting. By comparing how different people understand and inhabit the body, students will develop new research questions to rethink what it means to study the body at all.
Where most global histories of medicine sample representative cases within national and regional contexts, we will sample cases across time and place to engage with disparate historiographical traditions. Each week takes on different themes of practice, process, classification, ontology, technology, techniques, and theory to offer new genealogies of reading the body.

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HIST 310 The Body in Global Histories of Medicine