Welcome to the Health Humanities Consortium Syllabus Repository. This site is comprised of curriculum materials from academic, professional development, and public education programs in the health humanities. The repository is a resource for health humanities educators to share specific ideas and models for course topics, readings, assignments, teaching methods, student and professional development learning outcomes, and public engagement. The repository is intended to assist scholars in generating new curricular innovations and enable field-wide conversations about student, professional, and public learning outcomes, coursework foci, assessment approaches, and best practices that are common across diverse health humanities programs. The repository can provide a resource for developing common core areas and competencies in health humanities programs and the broader field.

The syllabi on the website are fully searchable. To guide the user, they are also searchable by course topics (ecology, social justice, etc.), disciplines (Disability Studies, History, etc.), level of education (undergraduate, graduate, etc.), or modality (online, face-to-face, etc.). The Advanced search function allows to combine multiple search terms. 

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The Health Humanities Syllabus Repository is a project of the International Health Humanities Consortium in collaboration with the Rice University Medical Futures Lab.