Aging, Ageism, and Embodiment


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Aging, Ageism, and Embodiment

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We all grow old (if we are so lucky!). But who wants to be called “old”? And how does the experience of “growing old” differ based on one’s sex or gender, sexuality, race or ethnicity, and socioeconomic or disability status? In this course, we will consider the social, cultural, scientific, medical, and personal meanings of aging, and how these meanings, as well as the embodied experience of aging in America, are influenced by multiple forms of ageism. We will interrogate the assumptions and stereotypes about age that circulate through mainstream American culture and medicine and how these shape interpersonal and institutional practices. How might we begin to recognize, respond to, and change ageism, and thus our own inevitable experiences of aging?

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Cleveland, OH

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Aging, Ageism, and Embodiment